Scholarship Program

For Bitcoin Educators and Community Builders in the Global South

You want to spread knowledge about the secure use and the advantages of Bitcoin in your community, but can't afford the program?

Apply for our Bitcoin for Fairness scholarship and become a student for a year. By finishing the program successfully you'll receive a Certificate of Completion and the chance to take the Certified Bitcoin Professional exam, which gives you proof of your knowledge and the chance to apply for jobs globally where Bitcoin skills are required.

Scholarships for Bitcoin Education

Thank you to the donors, who are making this program possible. Please consider donating too.

What Graduates Say About The Program

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Belyï Nobel Kubawayo, Burundi

★★★★★ (5/5 Stars)

"The training was incredibly comprehensive and covered nearly all aspects related to Bitcoin. Moreover, it is a more technical training than the others I've done, and that's its unique aspect. What stands out the most is how engaging the training is; it never bores me. The varied presentation styles make it truly captivating and motivating to continue watching."

Barakana Guy Eudes, Burundi

★★★★☆ (4/5 Stars)

"I just finished the course. Frankly, it is a comprehensive course. I studied a lot of things, and what was new to me was the detailed explanation of the concept of security."