Scholarship Program

For Bitcoin educators and community builders in the Global South

You want to spread knowledge about the secure use and the advantages of Bitcoin in your community, but can't afford the program?

Apply for our Bitcoin for Fairness scholarship and become a student for a year. By finishing the program successfully you'll receive a Certificate of Completion and the chance to take the Certified Bitcoin Professional exam, which gives you proof of your knowledge and the chance to apply for jobs globally where Bitcoin skills are required.

Donations are **not tax deductible** and go directly to BFF Uganda.

Exception for **US citizens**, the IRS has classified Bitcoin as property for tax purposes. You can donate amounts above USD 5,000 to BFF via a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in the USA. You don’t have to pay capital gains tax and the full amount is tax deductible for you. Your gift in US Dollar is tax deductible too. Please send us a message for more information.

Support Bitcoin Education

This scholarship for the Bitcoin for Fairness Train-the-Trainer program is funded by donations. Please consider supporting BFF's efforts to scale Bitcoin adoption in the Global South by donating seats for aspiring educators and community builders.

We have processed more than 100 applications in the last 6 months. 66 applications were granted and the students are currently in the one year program. 20 new applicants are waiting to be invited to be part of the next cohort.